This project will be based on strategic partnership, collaboration and action-based methodology. We believe that this methodology will empower the project impact that will be transfered on practical ‘real world’ outcomes. Monitoring and assessment will be based on observation and analysis of the effectiveness from the intervention involving a combination of qualitative and quantitative
approaches in data provision and analysis.

Results and potential longer term benefits

The project partners expect that the use of KASPAR in conjunction with complementary Apps for personal mobile devices will result in improved communication abilities of the children with autism and opening up the possibilities for engaging the broader community of interested parties in direction of working toward the introduction of the novel intervention as regular method for treatment of children with autism. Being aware that the use of Socially Assisted Robots in provision of treatment for children with disabilities will continue its raising pattern but the scope of its use will remain limited in the near future, the project partners are particularly keen on exploring the effects and the usability potential from the use of the Apps for personal mobile devices especially taking into consideration the widespread potentials for utilization of the mobile and web based applications on different computer and display based devices that are already unalienable items of the modern living.